Domain Registration Requests

Thanks Tori,

Which Domain did you Register?

Our students are still having issues logging in.


Please whitelist and

thank you

Please whitelist

Please can our domain be white listed? I requested this nearly 2 months ago.

Thank you

Hi! @Steve_Ketchup
I tried to log in to SketchUp for Schools from students email addresses but it keeps saying contact your administrator. Could you please add our domains to whitelist,

Thank you.

Steve left the company. @CaseyG should be able to help you.

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Thank you

@CaseyG please help :slight_smile:

Can you please whitelist ?

Thank you

@CaseyG Could you please add our domains?


Thank you

@CaseyG Could you please add our domains?

We’re currently in a domain transition and we’re using both at this time.

Thank you!

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been as responsive as I should have been. I was sick. Thankfully I am finally back in the office and am able to get the ball rolling on these domain requests again.

@cjimenez @sbennett @rykiel.hong I can get your domain registered, but I need to verify a few things first. Can you confirm you are a k-12 school and get me a link to your website? I need to get some additional info to complete the registration process and the website for most schools usually has everything I need.

@Rashid @Bayarjargal @jhoffman @Akrish Thanks for the link to your website. I was able to find everything I was looking for right away and was able to get you added as of the time of this post. Just make sure you deploy the app properly before you try to access it with students as an improper deployment can cause issues.

Here’s my school website.

Thank you

Hi Sketchup team and @CaseyG
Can you please register my school? Our accounts end in
Our website is:

Much appreciated

Please add our school

Here is our website:

School website:

Thanks for the posts everyone! We love to see so many people interested in SketchUp.

@frazer, @bsargent, @sbennett I was able to verify everything and added all of your domains to the database. You should be all set to deploy the app and start modeling. Just remember that you need to deploy the app from a “super admin” for things to work correctly when it comes time for the students to sign in. Just deploying it from a regular admin won’t work.

Hello, please add Boylan Catholic High School:, our website is


I reinstalled the app following this path: Google Admin>Apps>Marketplace Apps and my users are still getting the “Are you in the Right Place” error messages. I am a super admin. Is there another place I should be installing?


Hi Casey, please allowlist Our school’s website:

Thank you!