"Does not appear to be a sketchup file" error when opening in browser

Hello, I have a fairly large model (~306MB) that I’m trying to create a shareable link for but when opening the generated link in a browser (tried Chrome and Edge) I get the error: “Does not appear to be a sketchup file.” I have file saved locally and on Trimble Connect and I am able to open the file from Trimble Connect as well. I have copied the model and pasted into a new file and tried re-uploading. Everything seems to be fine except for this link. Is it possible its because it’s too large? I cannot share the file on here due to privacy but I can share it with a Trimble support person if needed.

It could be too large. 306 Mb is a large SketchUp file. Try purging unused content and reducing material/texture image sizes. Since we aren’t allowed to see it we can’t do more than guess.

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I can also share it privately if you’d be willing to look at it, just can’t post it publicly.

Upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link in a private message. I won’t share it with anyone else.

If you want to send the private link to me as well, that would be ok. Most things I can recover Dave can as well, but there are some exceptions, where I may have a better chance.

Thanks Colin, I sent over a link

I’m working on it now. It’s very slow and my first comment is that there’s a lot of excessively detail objects, especially plant components. More in a little bit.

Edit to add:

I did my usual cleanup steps in hopes of making the model easier to work with. First I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_28_2024 , 2_18_52 PM
Then I purged unused. It took a long time to go through the purging process but there were no unuse components or materials. Next I checked and resized materials. There are quite a few excessively large texture images. The first few here:

This reduced the file size by about 26% but I’d guess it still may be too large for the viewer. I’ll upload it to a file sharing service and send it back shortly.

I would suggest editing those car componnts and removing their innards . Those details don’t add anything useful to your overall model. Or better, look for some much more simple car components. I would also suggest replacing many of the plants with lower-poly versions.

Thanks! Seems like it’s most likely a size issue. I appreciate your input.

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I wonder if the online viewer has the same about 100 MB size limit as online SketchUp.

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Yes from what I’ve gathered this seems to be the case.