Does axis affecting paste in place?

hello guys, i’m seeking for answer that does axis affecting paste in place to another file sketchup? i need help from professional and all in this community. help mee :sob: :sob:

We might need more details to give you a full answer, but basically something copied from one file to another will paste in the same place relative to the global axis ignoring changes to that axis.

I think that the axis does not affect paste in place. Oddly you can “place” the axis of the target file to a new location and orientation, but the paste in place will occur in relation to the default axis. Or another way to think of it, the coordinate system is not affected by a change in the axis for a file, and paste in place stays true to the coordinates.

What would you like to do?

i am working to company that now modelling a LoD4’s building in exact coordinate in this world. since data almost 2gb and above, we trying to split into four separated file and shift to origin in sketchup coordinate using plugin undet for sketchup. which is the plugin mentioned allow us to load pointcloud and shifting from actual coordinate in this world to origin sketchup ( near to 0 x,y,z). there are some editing in four file which is it still in actual coordinate and using axis tools to make our editing more easy. if i shift to origin sketchup which is near to 0 x,y and z. does axis affecting my model after i place in place in another sketchup file?

@tfqx, FAIK copy (= to clipboard) > paste in place respects the system axes orientation and origin, no matter if you change axes in between. This would be easy to check with two SketchUp instances open.
On the other hand component instances picked from the component library respect the current drawing axes orientation.

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