Does anybody know what this extension does?

I have it installed but I can’t find its origin (warehouse or sketchucation or somewhere else).

I don’t understand what it says.


This may not be correct but it’s what Google translated (assuming Chinese - correct me if I’m wrong). If it were me, to be safe, I’d uninstall any extensions that A. do not translate natively and B. I don’t know what they do.

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I remember the extension did something with components/definitions. Maybe scale definitions or something like that.

I also remember the description of the extension on the page I downloaded was in English, so if I could find it. I am almost certain it was Sketchucation but I could not find it there yet.

Edit: Ah yes, it scales the definition. Now I only need to find from where I got it :slight_smile:

FOUND IT! On the Sketchup Extension Warehouse

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