Distorted Screen text



Help! Can anyone enlighten me as to why screen text is distorting?

I have noticed that it is tricky adding a screen text over an object, because it tends to get stuck to whatever is underneath, making it hard to select or move it.

This how ever is a whole new problem. I created it in mid air, free of anything underneath it and text is distorting.


Can you describe which text you think is distorting and how? Because i don’t see any problem, except the thin line above ‘Tee 63’. Is that supposed to be a text facing us?

You can check this article in the meantime: Adding Text, Labels, and Dimensions to a Model


@lools, … or do you mean that the larger screen text isn’t crisp around the edges of the text?
Other (leader) text tend to look much clearer, yes.


Yes i mean the large screen text "…Underground Version 1"
If you look closely the pixels are breaking up - the letters look jagged :frowning:


Right now I have SU2014 open (old PC with Windows Vista) and don’t see jagged screen text like you do. (I noticed it in your uploaded screenshot).

But yes, I’ve experienced the same in later version(s) op SketchUp, like in SketchUp 2017 Pro. I don’t know why this is happening though.
Others may confirm the same result in SU2017 or may have a solution to avoid it from happening (another graphics card driver?)
It only happens to screen text for me, no other display issues in SU2017.


Hi Wo3Dan, yes i have 2017 Pro -

Thankfully , ive just noticed that when i save to jpeg it dosnt show today but other times it has , which makes me question whether it is not just a graphics card issue on my machine


Looks like an Anti aliasing issue because you can see the axes are jagged too. You might get a better result if you make some adjustments to your OpenGl settings.


Thank you Box - im not sure what that means?


In SU go to Window/Preferences/OpenGL and try changing the amount of anti-aliasing.


You’d get even nicer results if you’d add the text in LayOut instead of in SketchUp.


I tried layout, and yes it can look better, but its so slow - take for ages to flip through pages - also the black and white didnt look that great.

in short due to huge time pressure to churn drawings out, i havnt solved the technical issues with layout yet, in order to make it viable :slight_smile:


Sounds like you need a break from projects so you can learn to use LO because there’s no reason for slow page flipping or “black and white” not looking great.


yes that would be great!! lol

right now just the idea of opening one of my layout files makes me shudder it just goes straight into “not resoponding”


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