Display units format missing in web version

Hello all,
Kid have task to draw something in skechup ,and we did it but teacher insist that mm need to be removed from picture. For that we need to uncheck Display Units Format ,and in this web version i dont see that option.
Is that option included in this web version?


Thank you!

hello, I don’t think there is that option in sketchup for web. But you can still do it manually by right-clicking on the dimension and pick modify text, remove the unit and validate.
The problem is that it won’t be dynamic anymore. Changing the size of the object won’t change the dimension shown

Hello Paul
Edit text do job. Thank you for fast answer

I’ll have to check when at a computer, but if that is the case the teacher needs to be ‘informed’ that what they are asking for isn’t a current natural format for the web version.

I agree with you…The teacher even insist that this option exist ,and show to the kid settings from installed version…

I have done a check and can fairly confidently tell you that removing the ‘unit’ is not a standard option in the web version.
Your Kid should receive extra credit for asking here and finding out how to edit the text.
It would be interesting to see how the teacher would respond if asked to do the same in the web version.

Nothing official here obviously, but something to level the playing field a bit.

Thank you all for help. Kid gets 100/100 points for this task .


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