Display is too small to read and pictures overlay text. Unreadable

Windows10, 64 bit. New to Sketchup and have gone through tutorials and all is fine. Cannot use 3d warehouse
but warehouse extensoins works.

Hmmmm…Not seeing the same thing here. What is your screen resolution set to?

Because your screen is 4K display. (your screenshot is 3840x2160).

Some of the stuff on SketchUp doesn’t really scale so well when using high-resolution screens.

Workaround is to actually set your system resolution to something smaller like 1080p. (although, I don’t like this workaround since I paid for all those pixels on my screen!!)

There were quite few threads about this.

Here is one:

Changed from display settings from 4K to 1080 and restarted with great results. 3D Warehouse works!
Your advise was fast to the point and worked. Liked the inserted thread sample.
Thank you,

But this is bad rendering of a webpage in a browser frame. Either the webpage elements are not setup up correctly, or MSIE version that SketchUp uses cannot scale elements correctly. It is not really an issue with SketchUp client side UI code.


As per @DanRathbun’s comment. It got me to thinking.

You can just hold down “ctrl” on the extension warehouse window and roll your scroll wheel to zoom in. Effectively increasing text sizes.
I prefer this method as you don’t have to view your nice 4K screen at 1080p.

Also, just confirmed this method works for SketchUcation store.
Although the window has limit on the width, and prevents me from showing all the buttons.

I suppose I need to talk to them. maybe @TIG?

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I returned the display to 4K and used Control key and zoom scroll with the attached results.
As new to Sketchup will return the display to 1080 while discovering what Sketchup has to offer.
Once am more comfortable with the program then will most probably live with the 4k.

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Yeah, you paid for those extra pixels on your monitor.
Make most of it.

Thank you. I have 4K res and was experiencing the same scale issue.
The ctrl key works to solve the problem.

I have same problem.
I have changed resolution to 1080, and all SU sizes are OK,
BUT yet - when trying to get to 3D Warehouse, all looks tiny…
Cntl +scroll doesn’t help, and doesn’t make any change.
Any help please?