Warehouse UI screen fonts are fuzzy, Warehouse not working right

I recently upgraded to SU 2021.1 I don’t know if the version is the issue or something else. The fonts on UI panels are fuzzy, and it doesn’t let me interact/search is the useful way that it used to.
I cannot switch between products, models, etc.

I’ve rebooted, restarted, tried on empty model, etc. I’m on a not-so-fast-not-wonderful DSL internet connection in a remote mountain town. However I can stream youtube video in HD just fine.

Do you have the issue if connected with an Internet Browser?

NO, was able to use Internet Browser without problem.

@TheGuz do you want to check into this?

Will test it and bring it to the team. Cheers!

Ok I see your screenshot. Reminds me of what I might see by not using my monitor’s native resolution. Let me ask a couple of questions about your setup.

  1. Laptop or Desktop
  2. Windows or Mac
  3. One monitor or two
  4. Type of graphics card
  5. Are your video card drivers up to date (assuming it’s a Windows system)
  6. Your resolution setting

I’d post a photo of what I’m seeing when I launch 3D Warehouse from SketchUp, but it looks as sharp as you’d expect.

Some answers for you:

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This is dell G3 15 laptop as Colin described above with 1920x1080 native monitor. Sketchup version 21.1.299 64 bit. Video drivers and OS is updated to whatever has happened automagically. 2nd monitor is 4k LG attached via HDMI running at 3840x2160.

Big input for you: I normally work with SU on the 4k monitor. When I move the warehouse window back to the laptop monitor all is great. Move it back to 2nd display at it goes back to bad. Besides the fuzzy problem - the bigger problem is the inputs are messed up. As example: click on “models” and it will bring up an individual warehouse item instead of showing the list of models relative to the search. Other inputs/dropdowns etc behave slow or erratically. so there is something going on with the mapping of mouse inputs to screen when on the 4K monitor. Move the window to the native monitor and this all goes away. Sketchup itself seems to be working fine.

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The blurriness only effects the content of the integrated (CEF) browser, not the window title bar and probably not SketchUp’s main window UI.

An important aspect missing from the questions:

  • What is your system UI scale factor, is it a fractional scale?
    Open System SettingsDisplay → “Customize your display” → “Change the size of text, apps and other items”. What percentage is it set to?
  • Do you run SketchUp with a custom UI scale? Right-click on the SketchUp application launcher icon → PropertiesCompatibility: Is there a checkbox for “Override high DPI scaling behavior” and what is the selected value for “Scaling performed by”?
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System UI Scale factor is set to 125% for laptop display, 150% for 2nd extended monitor 4k display. Not intentionally set, just what it is and I just use.

Scaling is performed by application. see attached screenshot

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Are you using a docking station?

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No docking station.