Internal 3D Warehouse browser issues

Firstly, the issue I’m about to mention does not happen in the web browser version. Only SketchUp’s internal 3D warehouse browser.

Whenever I edit a model, all text seems to disappear.

Thing is, though, it’s still there, although not visible. (And it’s not until I modify the window size that it reappears.)

I don’t know how much of an issue this issue actually is, but it might be something worth looking at. I am accessing the browser on Mac OS through SU Make 2017.

If you right-click Show DevTools, do you see any page errors happening? While the developer tools are open and the resize the window, the size is shown in the upper right. Is there a particular size that the text doesn’t show?

My text shows ok in SketchUp 2017.

I looked through the DevTools, but I don’t understand what any of it means. I did however stumble upon the “Console” tab, but I’m not sure that it contains the solution to my problem.