Discount / Promo code?

I really want to purchase Sketchup for my personal use. I firmly believe in supporting developers for the work they do.

$700 is simply too steep for me to justify. I know you do discounts every so often. Is there any chance I might get a better price than full retail?

I don’t want to register for a class just to claim an academic license. That feels duplicitous. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place with your pricing. I simply can’t afford it, considering I can use make for free. I really wish there was a prosumer / pro-personal pricing path for those of us that really want to support you, but aren’t making any money off the work they do with the product.

Thanks a bunch

What does your “personal use” involve that you can’t just use make version?

or are you just trying to find a mid-way of supporting the developers?

I want to demonstrate my appreciation to the developers for facilitating my foray into designing 3d models and printing them. I’m having a lot of fun playing with models and making things. I don’t foresee myself selling anything that I make; but nevertheless, developers gotta eat too. I can continue using Make, however from my (admittedly limited) understanding, there are plugins which are pro-only which would make my experience a bit easier.

Regardless, I’d really rather just buy the software… However it’s just too expensive for my budget.

Again, Thanks in advance.


did you get a promo code?

even if yes will probaly not work anymore 15 month later…