Discord App Issues

I’m a user of discord for following various types of communities. Sketchup has a Discord that I have followed for a few years which it posts the occasional new video alert in. There are a number of channels available for discussion but it is very much not modded and scammers are hitting the community constantly. Users enter and because there are no mods there is no life and people leave. One user has taken it upon themselves to direct people away from the community to another user built Sketchup community, consistently telling people it is a dead space (which it is). Can’t figure out why Sketchup has the channel and posts there if they don’t want to manage it.

Wondering if there is a way to get any traction with Sketchup staff to moderate the channel, cut down on the scammers and the @everyone pings and maybe breath some life into it? I’d be happy to mod the thing for the little bit of traffic that comes thru, but Sketchup has to give mod permissions to users. Just trying to help out the Sketchup reputation.