The good SketchUp discord server

Discord server revamp

The SketchUp discord server has just had a full revamp
Join now and grow the community

Also join the affiliated 3d modelling server

Can you please tell me what “The good SketchUp discord server” means? What is the “full revamp” means? What has been changed and from what?
What is for that at all? Why is it good to join?

The thing is that there is a ‘Official’ SketchUp discord server that you can join from the forum home page, that server is simply just dead, when you ask for help, it’s like screaming into nothing. Check it out for yourself. During lockdown when I had more time to do some SketchUp stuff, I joined this discord server that was way more active but was halfway setup, I messaged admin and we agreed to revamp the server, since then the server has been ever growing and when you ask for help people are always there to help or give advice. The community is welcoming and always there to help. That is why I recommend joining this server and not the ‘offical’ on (which is basically dead)

Well, people can also come to the forum for help. What is the point of another forum?
There is also the Sketchucation forum but that too seems less lively than things here.

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I understand your point, the discord server is useful because you can get help quickly but it’s not only for that there is also a gallery where people can post their renders etc… and you can also find people to help you with projects. I’m saying that it is not only trying to crush the forum there’s other uses for it.

Thanks for answer.
Well, I still don’t understand what this all “discord” about (Maybe I’m too old for that?). …and your answer looks more like a “direct marketing” than an explanation… Sorry!
As Anssi told: What is the point of another forum?
Good luck!

The thing with discord is that it is easy to use, it’s basically like a text message group but you can do more with it, multiple channels, voice chats, live streams. The livestream option is useful when you need help as people can direct see what your doing and talk to you live to help.

You can get help here, often in less than a minute, you can post images in the gallery, you can collaborate with people…

Sounds like it’s just another form of the same thing clamoring to attract the 30second attention span generation.


I signed up to have a look so that I was more informed on what it is and have spent a reasonable amount of time exploring it. But not enough to not be wrong.

To me it is a similar thing to a forum but it is aimed more toward the ‘Gamer’ generation. It has that colourful text on dark format that is familiar to game players. The format many have asked for here, I haven’t been one of them.
It is basically a text message forum, where the messages are all jumbled together, no specific threading. The style of thing where you have a stream of texts appearing while you are doing other things and you can pick up and respond to ones that interest you.
There are different ‘categories’ which is what I think they mean by a Server. And certainly various ways of interacting directly. It doesn’t have the strict language restrictions that we have here, I counted six f%^&s regarding blender in one exchange.
I’m sure it is a great place for many on a range of subjects, it isn’t limited to one software.

In general it is probably not for someone like me, although I may hang around there a bit and see, it’s aimed at a younger audience (I think).
As far as getting specific sketchup help, I believe you are much better served here.