Discord...Trimble's New Vertical for the Adult Entertainment Industry

Well Im sufficiently appalled and Im done being nice.

Im rather opinionated about Sketchup and Layout, but I calm down after a soap box session because no tool can do what I need it to do at the price like Sketchup and Layout.

Today, that is in jeopardy.

There are a few other threads on the forums highlighting Sketchup’s Discord Server. For those of you who don’t know what this tool is, it’s a global communication platform for gamers of all categories and general the age group is anyone under 30.

This means that your children or grandchildren have it or know someone who does.

I was going to post the link to the Official Sketchup Discord Server. But in this moment I just can’t do it. Not to make a point. The content being posted on that server the last 2 weeks and in the past is stuff you would never let your kids knowing look at. It is adult content.

Hey Sketchup and Trimble!! Are you actually indifferent to the fact that your Discord server is putting children at risk to sexual predators? Discord is for kids. Sketchup for iPad and Students is for kids. Kids see Sketchup Official on Discord and jump in. They get a sexual education of the WORST KIND!!!

Is that the vision of Timble? Is putting kids at risk the focus? Putting your customer base at risk?

Hey @TheOnlyAaron @TysonK @eric-s your faces and two others are on Discord with new videos every single day. Are you ok with your name and face being associated with sexual content that can put kids at risk? Tell me it isn’t so!!

@Sonder @RTCool @endlessfix @mikebrightman @DaveR @ksarch_CDG_TSA_2 @joanne @francisquitof @Elmtec-Adam @ateliernab @dezmo

Wondering if you all as people of influence are also ok with Trimble and Sketchup being lazy or even worse, indifferent to a public server they publish content too being used for sexual content distribution and putting children at risk?

Anyone else on this forum concerned? I know @hector05 has tried on numerous occasions to get Trimble or Sketchup to promote moderators to reign the abusers in, but to no avail. I have tried to get someone at Sketchup to do the same. There are people willing to be public moderators and Timble and Sketchup does nothing.

So, here’s what I am going to do. If I don’t see something change on that server in the next 24 hours, Im reporting the server to Discord and Im going to ask them to shut it down and put a ban on restarting it for 6 months until you all figure out what’s actually important in this life.

Shame on all of Sketchup and Trimble staff who have seen any of the posts on this matter and have done nothing.


Absolutely agree, just to add my side,

I help run the Unofficial server which actually has active moderators which means a civilized server and folks helping each other. I have messaged different Trimble members multiple times to turn our unofficial server into the official one and we would handle moderation to make sure that members that join the discord server from the link in these forums are greeteed by a welcoming server and not a dumpster fire.

Each time I message trimble members, they say they will consider it and proceed to air me.

It shocks me that a discord server owned by a multi billion dollar company is in such a state, Trimble has the money to run a YouTube channel that posts videos nearly every day but does not have the staff to check a discord server for one minute each day? Sounds like pure laziness and carlesness for customers to me.

I happen to have two accounts, my second one is @hector05 , the one mentioned by @KeithBrooks


It looks as if something calling itself “kaplan” has indeed taken over the SU official discord server and flooded it with sketchy material… can’t Trimble simply block that entity and remove it’s content ?


Just claimed my access, and idd a lot of indecent content of some kaplan creature.
So i reported it twice and blocked future posts from kaplan which removed a lot of spam!
Let’s hope he/she/it/they/x/y/z/+/-/? wil be banned soon :wink:

After blocking two accounts for their spam, 100+ posts removed and 1 post kept :exploding_head::


Judging by the hours they’ve posted, I think there’s been a small oversight on Trimble’s part, launching it without a moderator at the ready. If they’re going to make this work, they need at least two people to serve as full-time moderators in order to keep this sort of spam at bay.


A samll oversight is quite the understatement, it is at least the third time that this has happened in this very discord server, I have been through all of it, and each time, they come on, kick the spammers, delete the messages and then disappear into the depths until it happens again and we make a large enough comotion here for them to give a toss.

This time is the worst and longest this whole mess has lasted and Trimble, a multi billion dollar corporation should be ashamed that they are uncapable to moderate a tiny discord server, which would only require one person to check it once daily.

Either they moderate the discord server, or we should all go through the official reporting procedure on discord to get it booted off, because as rightfully said by @KeithBrooks this platform is acessible to ages 13+ and it currently has uncontrolled adult content on it.


You wouldn’t have known this, but I am the one that posted that one post left. Thanks for the initiative to preserve the privacy of what was an unknown user to you, but in the future, don’t feel obliged to block out my username.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention as, speaking for myself, it is not my job to monitor that server and of course do not approve of non-SketchUp related content being shared. The problem user has been brought to the attention of our support staff as Aaron noted in this other thread: https://forums.sketchup.com/t/sketchup-official-discord-server/


I think that moderating the discord account will be in beta 2025 ; )

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I checked it out because @KeithBrooks pinged me, never been there before. Looks pretty useless as is, a zombie channel overrun with vermin. “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”


You can report it to discord if you have the discord mobile app.

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You’re right. I shall use my influence to make sure the discord channel is definitively shut down :sunglasses:.
Just because a social network exists doesn’t mean Sketchup needs to be on it, we have a massive active forum, no more need for a discord.

please do. I couldn’t give a darn about discord. At the moment, My life is busy enough with private stuff that I don’t have enough time to give to this community already, so a second community… pffew.

Besides, I’m a slack man myself. by that I mean I have one slack channel with half a dozen friends on it. So the way I see it, Sketchup’s discord being turned off is a win-win : more active people here, and fewer worries about pornography :fire:.

If it were up to me, I would simply shut down the discord server. here. my solution.



My recollection is they created the Discord account at the beginning of COVID to use as a platform for the live streams, but since then abandoned it for just YouTube, Facebook and Linked in these days. If they decided it wasn’t working for their purposes, seems like just as well to close it instead of just leaving it there unattended.


Yeah, that was pretty close to what happened. Discord was another channel that we considered as a possible place to share info. Jody was the one who kicked it off, but was not able to oversee it as needed. I believe it is gone, now.
Again, thanks for the heads up on the state of things over there!


Thank you and @eric-s for pushing for a resolution. Best solution was the one picked. Has unified the Discord community around one channel and eliminated the bad cred for Sketchup.

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