Disappearing object as it is rotated



I am having problems with SketchUp 2016. When I rotate an object at a certain point it gradually disappears from the screen. This typically occurs at about 235 degrees CCW. Continuing to rotate and the object gradually reappears by about 315 degrees The object is a fairly simple one. I did not have this problem with SketchUp 2015. I suspected that maybe this was a graphics issue on my PC laptop. Next I installed SketchUp 2016 on a MacBook. The same problem exists with that installation. What is the cause for the disappearing image and how can it be fixed on both PC and Apple machines?


It sounds like you are getting into the clipping plane. Lots written about it. Search for ‘clipping plane’.

Try changing the camera to Perspective and make sure the model is kept near the origin.


… and when you experience clipping back out with the ZoomTool (or mouse scroll wheel.)


I have the same problem


This is different than what you were describing in your other posts. What is really happening?


Can I post a video hire?


Yes. You can.


How do you do it?


https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5qX-fJzGJOFRHVNVGx2bFlLQm8/view?usp=sharing hiere is a video of the problem i just recorded this for you.


I can’t tell enough from that video to see what exactly is going on. Upload the model to the 3D warehouse and give us the link.


Ok i will when i can because now it crashed comlitly :frowning:


Hier is the link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/04f95ddd-82fb-4c1b-8bf6-72913d61d7b0/Maikamer-hause-Germany


Have you found the problem?


Yes. I’m busy trying to respond.

The issue is entirely different from what you described. The problem is you’ve created some entity at a very long distance from the rest of the model. The easiest way to fix it is to copy what you need to a new file. Turn on all the layers unlock the terrain component, draw a selection box around the house and the terrain and hit Edit>Copy. Open a new SketchUp file and hit Edit>Paste in place.

After doing that, it should work fine.

It appears to me that you should be using SketchUp Pro, not Make.

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Ok, thank you very much for looking at my problem.


Please mark all your threads solved.


Specifically, there are 2 Text entities which are located at impossible positions in the model. I am not sure how this bug occurs nor how to reproduce it, but it’s not the first report. @slbaumgartner describes the same issue in this topic: