Disappearing objects


I have problem with disappearing most parts of objects.
When I turn it around same parts appear others disappear.
Is this is a bug problem?

I am using Pro 2021 version on MacOS 11

Thanks for your advice

It would help if you could at least share a screen shot of what you’re seeing and better if you share the model. It sounds like you are describing what is called clipping. Commonly this occurs when the Camera is set to Paralle Projection. Do your modeling in Perspective. Also if you have the model spread out over a huge area relative to how closely you are zoomed in. Or if you have stray geometry or even the whole model at a huge distance from the origin.

In Perspective wole window turns green and nothing is visable. Option camera Paralle Projection does not exist in my KetchUp version.

that looks like camera clipping.
check out this youtube vid: How to Fix Clipping and missing faces issues in Sketchup - YouTube

Post your model if you can. To me the image you posted looks like the last of the options @DaveR posted applies.

Thenk you very much, problem solved.

Problem solved, thenk you very much.

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