Disappearing .dae file

I need info on how to load a .dae file into SketchUp. I have converted it from a .stl file and imported it into SketchUp. It appears in SketchUp for a nano second and then I never see it again. I have tried both on Mac and PC with the same results.
There are so many potential ways that I did this wrong…and many more possible reasons it didn’t work

get the STL extension and do a direct import…

make sure the import units correspond to the original units…


Why did you convert to stl: What is an STL file? It’s basically a file which “slices” a 3D model into a series of very thin 2D “layers.” This output is then used to drive a stereolithography (or similar) machine which produces physical prototypes through layer-by-layer deposition.
This file format is not a CAD format, nor is it a graphics format… it is merely the final step before making that physical part. …
The su knowledge base gives info on dae import and export you should read;
Some graphics programs will export dae, can you post here. ( note it has to be imported)

No, a .stl file is a 3dimensional triangulated surface model.
.stl can be converted using slicing software into gcode.

Yep know that just wanted to limited length of post and to avoid the issue of errors in STL files.

Well he didn’t convert it to .stl he converted it from .stl.

Yep that what he said

And you said…

I have spent many hours with NASA and military failure analysis teams deconstructing what folks said, thought they said or saw and some times I ask questions to " test" the sequence of events just encase and some times I am off base:grinning:

I got a 3-D scan of a stone, the file I received was in a .stl format. I understood that I could not import a .stl formatted file into SketchUp. Hence the conversion of the .stl file to a .dae format.
I have read previous posts about this subject and am still in need of assistance.

Did you try the tip that is in the help file for the dae format. You may have a file out side the view range and matching units as noted above or try zoom extents when it goes by, by may help.
Did you try import of the stil file per my machine it should import. I did not check that may require you to install as an extension and see you have a mac el captain v 10.11.16 32 bit mac which I do not use.
In addition if you post the stl file here some one would probably convert for you.
The extension is in the ext warehouse and states ok for mac os but one comment there is you have to set your loading policy to unrestricted because it is not signed also as SU 2017 32 bits os is not supported.

You can import .stl directly into SketchUp- no need to convert it to .dae first. You will need to install the (free) SketchUp STL extension to add this capability to SketchUp.

As others have said, you may find that you have to zoom in or out- or that you need to experiment a bit with the scale of the geometry once it is imported. STL is a “unitless” file format, so you need to know a scale for the import. Might be you have to experiment a bit if you don’t know how the original model was captured.


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