Disabling the edges makes the workflow faster?

disabling also the Edges makes the workflow faster?

Yes, but it makes complicated to work, disabling the profiles improves the performance a lot.

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It’s not a huge gain because SketchUp passes the edges and faces to the graphics system and lets it apply hardware acceleration to make it responsive. Profiles and shadows are different. They are not actual model geometry, they are effects that must be calculated for each change in camera location.


Use fast styles.


I have a working style based on the fast style that comes standard - but I turned off the sky : ground.

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Depends. If you have a plant for instance downloaded from 3D warehouse…then you may benefit from ‘hiding’ the edges on say the leaves to reduce the performance lift. This great extension by Fredo makes that process (hiding and unhiding) quick and easy

Thanks a lot. I didnt know about fast styles