Most performant Styles in SketchUp Free

I would assume some Styles are more performant than others. Are there some that can be recommended as the most performant?

What does “performant” mean in your application of it?

Generally a style with monochrome face style and no profile edges will be the easiest for your computer’s graphics card to handle. The Hidden Line face style (white faces and background) is also good but it doesn’t let you see and fix reversed faces. When you start adding materials in your model, your graphics card has to work harder to process that information so avoid the use of materials and textures as long as you can.

Please complete your forum profile with the SketchUp version you are using.

In my mind, performant means minimal sluggishness and not choppy or laggy when rotating.

I keep forgetting there are two free versions. I’m experimenting with the web-based one. I’ve updated my profile as suggested.


So experiment with the different styles to see what you get. Again, if you want maximum performance, don’t overload your graphics card by using textures. Also leave shadows turned off and keep your models lightweight.

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