Custom Design Style question


I have created a style for design work that I like, crisp lines and high contrast colors, and it makes a difference (improves) my speed in architectural conceptual work. Call it Design Style.

I also have several scenes set up with only style changes to give quick sketchy ideas to show clients early on.

However, once I start applying textures and colors, I lose the Design Style, because the new colors override the original setup in Design Style.

Is there a way to have a style that is effectively between Hidden Line and Shaded? In other words, when I pick Design Style, it shows the high contrast colors, regardless of what colors or textures have been applied to the model?

Or what sort of workaround could be used?



Are these colors the front and back face colors or are they materials? If they are materials, they aren’t part of the style so there wouldn’t be a way to go back to them by a simple click. If you are painting the elements in the model with new materials, you are overriding the ones from before. You would need to repaint the elements again.

These high contrast colors you refer to are face and background colors, you should be able to return to them by selecting the style. You may need to edit the style to use the Monochrome Face Style so you don’t see any materials you might have applied.


Doh, Got it, thanks.
I try to stay away from the icon menus, and in an effort to do more control with scenes, I haven’t used the stock style icons for a while, and overlooked the monochrome. Plus it’s a relatively small item in the Style edit menu, so I hadn’t realized it is a control item there.

Learning everyday is a good thing , right?


I think generally it’s a good idea to do your modeling in the Monochrome face style no matter which of the three (or four) ways you access it. It helps you make sure you keep up on maintaining proper face orientation and the GPU isn’t loaded with rendering textures. Leave the textures for showing others.

Indeed it is.


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