Too manny objects

I’ve got many small parts in my sketch, designing some unit. With each part it gets more laggy since it needs to render it all. I can not find nothing via google regarding freeze option that simplifies geometry. Is there something for this ? Got a lot of things to add…


Without seeing the file, it’s hard to tailor an answer. but here are some general ones :

  • Profiles. profiles are lines that mark the outline of the objects / groups, not simply a face limit.
    Because of that, profiles require constant rendering, move a bit and the outline changes.
    In menu view / line style / turn off profiles (or in the Style panel). it should feel like quite a boost, on my machines, after testing a few files, about 20-30% performance boost.
    If you have a LOT of small elements, each in their group / component, it means each of them has its own outline, therefore it has its own profile.
    you can see why it’s good.

  • shadows. if you have them on, don’t. simply that :slight_smile:

  • manage visibility using tags and scenes. You say you have many many small parts, but do you need to see ALL of them all the time ? you could maybe create a tag or two to hide stuff you don’t need at the moment. it can be temporary, just here to allow you to work efficiently.


Thank you, I’ll try just that.