Disable Scan Essential Warning

Hi, quick questions, is it possible to disable the

“your point cloud is far from Sketchup origin. This may lead to unexpected behavior. Do you want to center the point cloud around the origin automatically?”


I never want the Pointcloud at the center, because the coordinates of the pointcloud are essential to me, and this warning always seems to slow down sketchup to the point SU is shortly not reacting to my commands.

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It’s not the message that slows down your program, it’s ignoring it. You should know that having objects or even an edge very far from the origin creates a lot of problems. Search the forum and you will be able to read about it and find solutions.

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The slow down happens before I can even click “no” - but so I guess there is no way of disabling the warning.

also 10 meters away from the center is not really far away in my book.

So is there a possibility to disable this warning?

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Even if you don’t want to auto center the pointcloud you should translate it to a specific value so it is fairly centered around origin.

In Pointcloud settings you can always reset translation in any axis or setup accurate translations.

In my case I usually stick to Z=0 but sometimes translate the pointcloud Km away from origin. This is essential if you want to work accurately with Sketchup. Otherwise, due to floating point calculations, objects far away will get distorted and all tools will stop working. Even imports from AutoCAD or other software will be messedup.

You should import them, then move them using the same distance you used for the Pointcloud in Scan Essentials.

So to explain how we work:
we get an pointcloud of a whole building to build it in 3D, but building the buildung with the whole pointcloud is really convoluted - so we seperate the building in each room and build each room and then at the end, copy each modeled room in one file again with the paste in place order (so at the end we have a inverted model of the building).
So the whole building in itself is centered, but not the rooms.
And then SU askes everytime, even when the room is just one centimeter off center if I want to center it, which I cant, because otherwise every room would be overlapping.
Till now there was also never a problem with the pointcloud being off center - so the warning is just annoying at this point after >1000 rooms.

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Can totally relate to your problem. There should be a way of remembering insertion point translation for each subsequent point cloud insertion too.

If your point cloud is already close to origin then there’s no problem and yhis really becomes a nag screen.

I wonder if a plugin author could replicate the “survey point” functionality of BIM applications in SketchUp.

No 3D application likes large coordinates. Archicad and Revit have recommendations to keep the model within a given distance, 30 km, if I remember right, from the model origin. That is why the standard procedure is to

  • establish a “project origin” of a known point near an outside corner of the project.
  • preferably the project origin should be places so that all x, y coordinates in the project get a positive value.
  • the x-axis direction of the project is placed parallel to the main features of the project
  • the relation of the project coordinate system (x,y,z, rotation) is documented by placing a “survey point” object into the model with the values as attributes.

All scans and models are produced to this project coordinate system

The BIM applications then have a function that allows the export of CAD and model files translated to the “world” coordinate system when needed.

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This is badly missed here in SU.

If you are still concerned about these coordinate issues, I can help you because we solved them a long time ago with the Undet point cloud plugin for SketchUp.