Disable Autosave? Sketchup for Schools

I teach secondary school construction and design. Given the current circumstances with the pandemic I’m having to teach online and relying on Sketchup for Schools to help students learn about construction and design in various ways. I love that this is available to students and it has great resources to go with it.

That said, the autosave feature is driving us all crazy. It’s frustrating how much it can bog down workflow and some students are just giving up after a while. Is there any way to fix or disable this?

In SU Shop (which I think is essentially the same as SU For Schools):

Go to Menu/App Settings/Autosave. You can turn it off, or set the autosave interval much longer.

(Test DAE is just the filename of something I was testing for another forum question.)

John’s advice is solid. Turning Autosave off may help with the web-based version running smoothly, but you should drill into your kid’s noggin that they should periodically DOWNLOAD their file so as not to lose work. That is a good practice that us old-timers learned the hard way, a belt & suspenders approach.

Autosave has worked well for me, but I have had my browser freeze and when I finally refreshed it, I did lose some work. That however is not an exclusively SketchUp issue as I have had the same thing happen with other web-based modeling programs.

BTW, if it will help you with your remote instruction, I do have some SU lessons on my YouTube channel.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear as though there is anything resembling Setting in the Sketchup for Schools version. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of.

Oh dear. App Settings just isn’t there, is it?

I don’t have access to SU for Schools.

Have you tried searching for it in the command search box?

Maybe @colin can advise?

If you hide the side menu, what do the tools look like? If the topmost tool is a magnifying glass, click on that and type: settings

@Tori_SU Can you check SketchUp for Schools and say whether it should have a settings option?

I have tried searching as well but can’t come up with anything. I’ve searched “Settings”, “Save”, “AutoSave”, lots of others, but no helpful results.

Yes, that’s where I searched but came up with nothing helpful.