Dimensions: Style Picker Out Of Order

It took me hours to make Dimensions for a smal Family House.
Why? Because the Style Picker doesn’t respect the settings made. So I had to do it one by one. That’s torcher!

Please explain more clearly what you were trying to do and how you were trying to do it.

I’m working in LayOut right now. I’ve had no problem setting or adjusting dimension style.

The dimensiontext seems to have a background. That’s ok for center line. But for all others it will cover the strokes.

I would like to know too, how to align the Extension Lines of a set of dimensions that don’t have their Connection Point in the same level, as shown on Barbara’s 1st picture. If you move the farthest Offset
Point at the same level to the other Offset Point and use this as a model for the Style Picker, it will copy the distance between Connection/Offset Point and no the distance between Dimension Line/Offset Point that would align other dimensions that not necessary have the same Connection Point leve.

I don’t know if I’m wrong, but I would like the picker copy this behavior.

I have also problem dimensioning when the tool change between paper space/model space, I don’t know when it change it.