Dimensions move after group closed

HI all

I have a group and within the group i added a dimension.
When i close the group, i.e. stop editing, the dimension moves from the location it was positioned.

Any suggestion as to why this is happening and how to stop it ?


group-dimentions with PDF.skp (4.5 MB)

It would help if you attach your model, but my first guess would be that you have scaled one of the groups.

Thanks for the reply. U have uploaded a sample skp file showing the issue.
You will see that it also happening on a couple of the dimensions for the room group.

@Box is correct. You’ve scaled the groups.

Reset Scale is available in the context menu
Screenshot - 12_18_2022 , 7_54_04 AM
Screenshot - 12_18_2022 , 7_53_11 AM

Reset the scale or scale the definition as approporiate. If you need to scale to resize you should either open the object and scale the geometry or remember to scale the definition immediately.

Thank you both for your response.

I do often use the scale tool and playing with that i now have an understanding on how that works, however i am confused by this model .

I created the bed by copying all the line objects of the bed from a PDF import, then created a the bed group.
I then added the dimension and scaled to make the correct size.

When i “reset scale” for the bed group it does not change in sizes but instead flips on the green axis.

Is that expected for “Reset Scale” ?
Why does it not scale the bed back to the original size ?
How is flipping the group related to the scale tool. ?

Also , I am unable to see a “Define Scale”
Am i correct in saying unless i set the define scale i will continue with the dimensions location issue, this is especially the case with Room group which in my actual SKP i have a much larger groups and resetting the scale is just screwing up my whole model

I have added the PDF import to the SKP file and uploaded again

group-dimentions with PDF.skp (4.5 MB)

My guess from looking at the file is that you imported the pdf at a size that is too small, and as it is named -1 it would suggest that it has been scaled to -1 which flips it.
Using reset scale on the pdf will show you how small it is. Exploding or changing the pdf to a component makes it bugsplatt, so there is definitely an issue with it.
Since you have copied some geometry from there to make the bed you have brought the issues into the bed with you.
I would delete the pdf.
I would right click on each of the groups in turn and make them components, this will give you a right click menu item, Scale Definition, use it on them. This will set them correctly to their current scale. You may need to place the dimensions again but once done they shouldn’t move.
Exploding groups and remaking them can work too.

Hi Box,

I did explode and regrouped and that worked, so big thank you.

The name of the groups being -1 is my manual renaming because the room is basement.

Any more ideas why resetting the scale would flip the group ?

I can only think it is due to the tiny import.

OK, Thanks again.