Dimensioning shapes created in layout

Is there a way to do this? If not dimensioning, is there a way to measure non-sketchup shapes created in layout?


Yes. You can do that. What are the shapes you’re referring to? Maybe it’s appropriate to make them as Scaled Drawings? If you do that Auto Scaled dimensions will reflect the scaled dimensions.

I have drawn some foundations on a sketchup floor plan in Layout. I want to measure how far apart they are. I still have not learned how to make scaled drawings!



Before you start drawing open the Scaled Drawing panel in the tray, choose the scale to match the scale of the viewport from SketchUp and then proceed to do your drawing. At this stage you could select and cut your LO drawing to the clipboard, start a new Scaled Drawing, set the scale, and then use Edit>Paste to place the drawing inside.

That all sounds very helpful. I’ll give it a try!


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You can also group what you have drawn (select all, rightclick) and then set the scale (rightclick, set scale)