In Sketch Up/Layout, how do I draw a plan to scale?

I’ve just installed SU and I’ve opened Layout.
Im trying to create a plan to scale.

I read the info here:

But when I try to select: Window > Scaled Drawing
Scaled Drawing is not list

Are you using SketchUp 2017?

The scaled drawing feature was introduced in 2018.


Begin in SketchUp, drawing full-size. Save the f ile and export it to LayOut. There, you can set a scale, using the SketchUp Model window.

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The Scaled Drawing feature in Layout (even if you had access to it), would not be suitable for your purpose. It’s real use is in adding small additional detailing to what is a presentation file. Even if you only want to draw in 2D, you will find it much easier in Sketchup itself. Mind you, one has to wonder why you are using a 3D program if you only want it for flat, 2D models. Not what it was designed for.

I don’t know Simon :thinking:

For my needs, I think I could manage with doing 2D plans in Layout only (with the scaled drawing feature).

I not convinced that I would have to go back to some traditional CAD software to do that. But the last time I used AutoCAD was version 2007…

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Thanks everyone for your replies.
I find all of these 2D/3D package’s confusing and difficult to use.

When I searched for software, most seem to be these types of programs.
I picked this one because it had the layout feature.

Many years ago I used the more traditional CAD type programs that where reasonably logical to use, eg: AutoCad, and other similar cheaper versions.

I may have those original programs somewhere, but they are on floppy disks, from the Windows 95/98 days, so I don’t know if they would run on W7/10.

This is for my own personal use, so it’s not worth me spending lots of cash on sophisticated software.

At this moment in time, all I wish to do is create a plan of my home, eg:
I’d like to be able the easily-draw to scale, the shape of the land, with the outline of the house and garage upon it.

And for it to automatically calculate the actual square footage of each of those elements, and the square footage of the unused part of the land.
So that I can then calculate if there is enough room (from a planners point of view) to add an extension.

Then I’d like to be able to experiment, by changing the original plan, and/or adding different possible building shapes and sizes to this original plan, so that I can arrive a usable extension that fits within the size of the maximum planning laws.

I would appreciate any constructive comments.
Many thanks.

So you are running the trial version of SketchUp 2017 Pro. Is that correct?

Keep in mind it’s a 30-day trial. When it expires, you won’t have access to LayOut and won’t be able to open the file. If you want to continue using LayOut you would need to purchase a license. At this point in time that would be for SketchUp/LayOut 2021.

LayOut has no function for calculating area. SketchUp does. So as was suggested, you should do your modeling in SketchUp. Use LayOut to create any documentation you need from the resulting SketchUp model.

It’s easiest if you use the tools as they were intended to be used. Start by going to and going through the SketchUp and LayOut tutorials.