Dimensioning Issues layout

I have at steel horizontal diagonal equal angle between two tower faces which is tilted back 10.34° from vertical (the dihedral angle of the tower leg). I am tying to dimension this and the holes in it in layout and I just cant get them to dimension correctly.
Any suggestions would be much appropriated.

Did you make a scene with the view aligned with the face you want to dimension?

If you share the layout file it will be easier for someone to help.

1905 Bracet Design (20240317).layout (2.7 MB)
yes I tried that but layout dimension doesn’t seem to want to pick up the centers of the holes correctly

WIth some care and looking for the “On Model Face” indicator I was able to correctly dimension these without too much fuss.


@endlessfix seems to have it working.

I won’t be able to look at the file until later - but when I draw parts for shop drawings I make sure the number of segments in the circles for holes or bolts is quite low - and I also make sure to draw this with the axis aligned properly to the part - I almost never try to find center and pick an endpoint. For me this is usually bolts or pegs from 3/4” to 1 1/2” and I try to keep my circles to 12 or 8 segments.

If the dimensions that are in mm as above it looks like you have small holes - with a high segment count this will make finding a snap point hard for LayOut.

Thanks for your comments its tricky but i can make it work.
Another issue:
The bracket is to be laser cut and folded along the fold line.
The drawing shows this as two piece.
I cannot get it to show the fold when I add thickness and make it into a 3D shape.
Any suggestions?
Diaphragm Detail Connection.skp (3.8 MB)