LayOut dimension issue

The issue I’m having is with Layout while I’m trying to put dimensions on rafters in a section view. When I try to pull a number from the long point of the rafters to any point along it that isn’t on the top edge it pulls diagonally. For example if I wanted a dimension from the l.p. to the bottom of the plumb line at the birds mouth and I want to measure it perpendicular to the rafters edge I would have to go into sketchup, create a guide line, save, go into LayOut, update, mark my dimension, go back to sketchup delete the guide line, save again, back to LayOut and finally update. Frustrating to say the least. It is only a problem with members that are set on an angle. If I rotate the rafter to a level position the problem goes away. The previous versions of LayOut have not had this problem so I’m wondering if it’s some setting I’ve over looked.

Any advise would be wonderful.

Sorry, for the false posts here.

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