Dimensioning across viewports that are rotated

I absolutely love the dimensioning across viewports feature that made its debut in pro 2018. I had a long beam on pitch that I wanted to dimension for a shop drawing, but I wanted it to be viewed horizontally in my fabrication set. As soon as I rotate both viewports of the start and end of the beam, my dimensions no longer associate with the model space. Am I doing something wrong or does this feature not work with rotated images yet…

I haven’t tried rotating the viewports after dimensioning. Can you reconnect the dimension or have you tried adding the dimensions after rotating the viewports? edit: Nope. That doesn’t work. Interestingly the dimension is still connected to the model so the extension line will move if you change the length in the SU model but it still shows paper space dimensions.

In my work flow, I would normally set up the scene in SU with the component oriented horizontally if I wanted it that way on the page in LO. Then I don’t have to worry about rotating the viewports to get them at the correct angle. They can be a pain in the neck to setup correctly in LO when the component is angled in the viewport, anyway.

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