Dimension tool

Trying to use Sketchup 8.7.1 for mac (free version). I’m trying to design a carport covering with triangle shade sails. I can not find a way to use measurements. I’ve read about a dimension tool, but it doesn’t seem to exist in the version I’m using. If this program is too complicated for such a simple job, any recommendations on other mac software. I just want to be able to put a measurement on side of a triangle for god’s sake, instead of eyeballing approximate distances. Thanks for any help.

Where are you looking for the Dimension tool? In the Tools menu?

Could be something to do with trying to use such an ancient version of SketchUp with such a new operating system. Where did you get SketchUp 8.7.1?

All the versions of SketchUp that I have used (from v. 3) have had a Dimension tool.

Of course, the version you trying to use is very old, it might not be compatible with your MacOS. You might try the SketchUp Make 2017 that is still available to download, and is free for personal use.

I still have a more or less working copy of SU 8 on Mac Mojave. At least it starts, and I can do some things without crashing it. I only use it to test some plugins for backwards compatibility.

Use menu View/Tool palettes/Large Toolset. You’ll find the dimension tool half way down on the right:

Shaded here, as I’d just been using it to add dimensions to a quick and dirty ‘house’ of no particular size.

As @DaveR says, it’s also on the Tools menu.

Works fine for me.

But also as Dave says, if you are NOT using SU for commercial purposes, you might like to upgrade to the 2017 Make version which is still free (the latest desktop version that is).


It certainly had a dimension tool. Here it is highlighted in the toolbar and large tool set. Whether that version works in general is another matter. I have an older version of SketchUp 8 here and it sort of works but can’t open the Preferences.

Proof from 3.1

Are edges visible? If not, you have no endpoints and midpoints visible either and won’t be able to measure geometry properly.
If so, turn on edges.

And if you are still having trouble, upload your model here so someone can look at it and help you better.

If your model isn’t too big (less than about 10MB I think, now) you can drag it from Finder and drop it in your post while you are editing the post. If it is too big to post here directly, upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, and post a link to it in your post.

Major OOPS from me! I’m actually using SketchBOOK! Not SketchUP. My question still applies though. If you can help, thanks, or point me in the right direction. Thanks again.

Want to apologize for referencing the wrong software and THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to respond. I am using SketchBOOK, not SketchUP, my bad! Still hoping to find a way to use measurements…

Sorry. No experience with SketchBook. If you switch to using SketchUp, we can offer all kinds of help.