Dimension tool problem

dimension problem.skp (15.1 KB)
My dimension tool is acting strange
Do any of you have a solution?

Not really enough info to go on. This certainly appears to be wrong but it might help us diagnose the problem if you attach the file.
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file added

I expect it’s a graphics card issue. When I ope your file the dimension looks the way I would expect it to.

What graphics card? Are the drivers up to date?

Have you adjusted the font size? I also get the same as Dave and my default shows as much smaller text.

I agree with @Box - I see the dimension text as 24pt, and it is possible that your system has an issue with that particular size of that particular font.

There is no difference if I change the font size… still the same issue but I will look into the driver and see if it needs a upgrade

Help us help you.

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Problem fixed
Going from 16 bit to 32 bit

Huh. I didn’t know there ever was a 16 bit version. I wouldn’t have thought to suggest upgrading to 32 bit for this. Glad you got it sorted.

In monitor settings


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