Dimensions not showing correctly (garbage in text box)

When using the dimension tool I get various different measurements shown in the place where only a single information should be shown. This is not a font issue. It is the actual content of the text box.

Using the context menu (“edit text”) the value is correct, but upon closing the box it falls back to more or less garbage as the correct measurement is only part of what gets displayed.

Any hint appreciated!

Regards, Horst

An image of that problem would help us to find a solution…

Ah, sure:

Here with the problem visible:

(as a new user I can only upload a single picture. the display is fine while in edit mode. measurement reads 106,2mm (which is fine, i use metic dimensions)

Changing font size does not solve the problem.

Thanks for looking into this!

Regards, Horst

Ensure that your Graphics Card Drivers are up to date.
If it doesn’t fix it, try messing around with various combinations of Preferences > OpenGL…
If that doesn’t fix it try Repairing the SketchUp installation…

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my first instinct is that you have changed the font to something not being used by Sketchup…


As TIG says, that looks like a graphic card issue.

To verify this, temporarily disable Hardware Acceleration under Preferences (might have to restart SketchUp). If the issue goes away with no acceleration it’s a graphic card driver issue for sure. See if updating the driver helps. Remember to re-enable Hardware Acceleration - as otherwise you might experience sluggish performance.

Issue practically solved - workaround found

First: Thanks to all those that invested time to help me solve my problem! I appreciate that a lot.

Here the outcome: The issue is apparently not caused within Sketchup itself.

Let me explain what I found:

  1. The Sketchup installation that caused my problems is running on Win 7 Professional. The system is running as a virtualized machine within VirtualBox.

  2. I usually access the virtualized system from a rather outdated Notebook (therefore running Xubuntu) using Linux´ ‘rdesktop’ command. I have not experienced any issues with this setting so far, so I was not in doubt that the display as such was correct and the issue with the odd display of measurements was caused by Sketchup.

  3. Accessing the very same virtualized System from another Win 7 Professional (‘real PC’, not virtualized) gave me measurements that displayed exactly as expected.

I am not expert enough to finally judge on this, but it appears that the ‘rdesktop’ implementation within Linux behaves different from Window’s native ‘mstsc’ program for accessing remote displays.

Thanks to all involved and have a nice new year!

Regards, Horst

Keywords: Sketchup, Linux, Xubuntu, rdesktop, rdp, mstsc, display, dimensions

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