Dimension box issue - please help!

Hi, new to sketchup and have a small problem.

The numbers in the dimension box (bottom right of screen) are half missing - I can only see the top half of all the digits in the box. My screen size is correct, refreshed the page several times and no change… every shape tool has the same effect.

Running on a Macbook pro…

Hope someone can help

Can you show a screen shot of what you are seeing?

Are you using the browser based version of the desktop client version. Your profile and choice of forum is vague. If you are using the browser-based SketchUp Free, what browser are you using?

Hi, sorry for being vague. Browser based version on safari

Have you tried on Chrome or Firefox?

See A recommended web browser: in:

Safari is not recommended.

Thank you Dave, will try it


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Another thought… to what do you have your screen resolution set?

Firefox and chrome are better but the numbers and coma still seem trimmed at the bottom.

Screen is set to default as running on a monitor

Running on what monitor?

If you reduce the size of the browser window a little does it look better?

LG 4k can’t remember the model… no, altering the page size does nothing


Removed the monitor… laptop still shows exactly the same… it’s like the dimension box needs to be a little bit bigger

Try rebooting the computer with the big monitor not connected.

Yes MacBook

Rebooted, monitor removed - no change

Safari the worst with half the text missing in dimension box (was no problem yesterday)
chrome and firefox - text trimmed at the bottom

Strange. I wonder if @Mark might have a suggestion.

Yes… as I said it was fine yesterday (if even on safari) but tonight its playing ball. will use Firefox or chrome to do what I need to do tonight then hopefully someone may have an answer or perhaps theres just a glitch in the browser version???
Thank you Dave for your help - appreciate it

Well, since it was working fine yesterday and not today, what has changed on your computer? Did you get some automatic operating system update?

Nothing… its been sleeping all day - last update a week ago… its strange, its like the dimension box has shrunk.

I’m having the same issue on my iPad. Saw the dimensions fine yesterday but today they’re cut off…

Possibly an update to SketchUp Free that has had some impact. I guess we need to hear from someone on the team which is why I pinged Mark.