Dimension Tool Not Displaying Values While Resizing

Hello all, I just upgraded to an M1 Mac Mini and Sketchup 2021.
The OS is Big Sur 11.2.2

I draw site plans for building permits with Layout in the Nick Sonder style from having learned through his excellent book.

I started my first Layout project on the new machine and have found that the dimension tool does not follow objects when I re-size them.
The dimension tool snaps to the new size and displays the correct new value only AFTER I release the mouse click.

Is this a bug?? I can’t find any reference to this problem in the forum and I can’t find any preference to turn the normal dimension tool function on.

I hope this isn’t a new behavior of the Layout 2021. We NEED to watch the dimension tool as we’re resizing objects in real time in order to quickly do our work.

Somebody please help, I have this awful feeling of having bought this new computer and lost a basic crucial bit of functionality.

Otherwise, I’m loving the responsiveness of this new M1 mac, it’s very impressive.

Where are you drawing the thing you are resizing? How are you resizing it?

This is what I see when I resize something drawn in LayOut. It’s normal that it updates the dimension when you stop moving the edge. It’s not new to LO2021.

Thanks for the quick reply DaveR, I’m coming from LO2018 and the dimension tool moves with objects while they are being resized. It’s going to be a real loss to us to not have this behavior anymore. Thanks for the clarification that this is indeed the way the dimension tool now behaves in LO. For us it’s a a big step backward in dimension tool use.

I’ve looked at this a little closer, when you select the dimension tool initially the values still change as you move the dimension tool. This is what I’m accustomed to. But when you select that dimension later the numbers don’t update as you move the dimension. The numbers only update after you stop moving. I can not get my head around why this feature would be removed? I need to follow the dimension vales as I resize, not have to keep releasing the mouse click to see what I’ve landed on.

Does that make sense? It’s so utterly basic. Why on earth would this be removed from the program???

It’s part of a change that was made in 2020 to increase LayOut’s speed by not redrawing screen content repeatedly as it moves. That reduces the work the graphics card has to do and increases the speed with which things happen on screen.

Clearly you know the dimension you want to end up with. Why don’t you just type that after you start the move? Then you don’t need to watch the dimension number change until you get there.

Thanks so much for your help!

I’ve been trying this but anytime I try to resize by manually entering measurements the object gets so large it expands far off screen. I’m clearly doing something wrong or I have a preference set incorrectly.
I’d been trying to accomplish resizing by manually entering numbers before I wrote this post as a last resort.
Any idea why my resized objects are being exaggerated so severely?

Your explanation makes sense and I was thinking that reserving gpu resources was likely the reason this change was made. It’s a big change to our workflow and I’m really hoping I can figure out this manual resize.

Your illustrated responses are truly above and beyond, thank again for all of us here.

Are you including the units? In my example I used a Scale Drawing so the real world dimensions can be used.

Not entering the units or the correct units. If you aren’t using a Scale Drawing, you would need to use paper space dimensions and appropriate units.

DaveR thank you so much, we get it now, and we’ll use this method.
I like our old method better but I understand why this was changed. I do wish I could toggle the real-time resizing on/off. That would be handy.
Thanks again!

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