Dimension Numbers Blurred Out (30 Day Trail Version)

I am just starting with the 30 day trial version and when I try to print, the numbers on the dimensions are not printing. When I tried to print it as a PDF, the numbers are pixelated. Is the ability to print the dimensions disabled in the trial version or do I have a separate problem?

There should be nothing degraded in the trial version of Pro. Can you share the skp file showing the problem so people here can take a look?

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Shawn Slate Gate Top View.skp (18.8 KB)

On Windows I get no text when printing to a real printing or printing it to a PDF file. I will check if that’s a known issue.

Export to PDF works fine, but it comes out at a small size. You would need to view it in a application that can zoom into PDFs.

Or, in the export to PDF options check the box for Full size, and choose a bigger size for the export.

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I deleted all of the dimensions and did them again at 36 point text from the Window Model Info Tab and now I can see them.

You ought to look at using LayOut and do the dimensioning there. Much better looking and more control over the appearance of them. Export the PDF from LayOut.

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I will check that out. Thank you!

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I just did a quickie. Two different dimensioning options on the page.
Slate Gate.pdf (11.8 KB)

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I appriciate you taking the time to show and help me with this. Thank you!