Dimension is backwards for push pull



When I use the push pull tool I see the offset in the “Dimensions” bar. When I move the face up (which should be positive) I see a negative number. If I get the face offset to around where I want it and then manually type in the exact value it ends up offset the opposite direction. This is either a bug or incredibly misleading UI. It looks like the dynamic part of the “Dimensions” field is backwards because the coordinate system uses +Y as up.

Example: https://youtu.be/jPfFkqrfuDg


Read about Face orientation


I understand that movement can be relative to face orientation. The problem is that the value in the dimensions box is not consistent with what you manually type in. If the live value shows 5’ and I type in 5’10" it shouldn’t suddenly apply -5’10".


Are your faces oriented in the right direction, as push pull on a reversed face will show negative, even if it is going in what you think is the positive direction?


I agree that the dimensions bar is misleading, but whichever direction you’re push/pulling counts as positive. I typed -10 both times, but the direction I pulled the face counted as positive.

A potential fix for this bug is only displaying positive values in the distance bar during the push/pull command. This would give people an accurate representation of what they will get because whichever direction they’re push/pulling counts as positive if they type in a value.


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