Push/pull - Why double click works in wrong direction?


Hi everybody.

It looks similar to this (but I think it’s not the same issue):

But I don’t think I’m working on wrong faces, this is my file.

exercise_exact_dimensions.skp (80.2 KB)

Only happens if I type the height, in this case 24’ as value.

It doesn’t happen if I don’t enter the height in numbers.

Thanks in advance.


Always be aware of face orientation as you model.
A properly constructed model has all front faces oriented outward (visible)
Also keep in mind Push/Pull Double-Click typically extrudes in the direction of the front face.
Randomly oriented coplanar adjacent faces will yield unexpected P/P Dbl-Click direction.

SU tries to ‘guess’ what the user wants.
Albeit, it’s likely no algorithm yet conceived can outguess the random behavior of a human.

As for your very simple example model, front faces are all facing down.
P/P Dbl-Click works as expected if one simply reverses the faces such that front faces are oriented up.




But remember that if you draw a face in the x-y plane (red-green or ‘ground plane’) SU will usually draw it with the reverse side ‘up’ and expect you to push pull it upwards.


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