Dimension ambiguity in LayOut

There is significant difference in the dimensions shown in the attached LayOut file.
The correct horizontal distance is 2.44 m.
How do you get the correct horizontal distance between two objects when selecting points that a diagonally separated?
Thanks for some advise here.
Dimension Question.layout (93.8 KB)

As I saw it, your Camera settings were not right.

I checked Ortho and set the View to Top and set a meaningful scale – 1:25.

And the dimensioning was as expected for me.

Got it, an oversight it took someone else to see. Thanks

You shouldn’t be using Last save SketchUp view for the “scene”.

Create the appropriate scene in the SketchUp model with the camera set to Parallel Projection. I did that in your SketchUp file and updated the reference. Dimensions updated correctly.

Thanks, don’t usually do that, but great to know the problem it causes.

In case a new user looks at this thread, it’s important to think about what “Last saved SketchUp view” means. Not a big deal if you aren’t going to need to go back to the SketchUp file and make edits. If you do go back to the model to make edits, chances are almost nil that you’ll save the file with the camera in the exact same position. When the reference is updated in LO, the model will appear to move in the viewport potentially screwing up a bunch of work. Scenes created in the model that save the Camera properties avoids that problem.

I think using “Last saved SketchUp view” and modifying the Camera properties in LO is fine for one-off things that you won’t need to update later. I would probably not even save the LO file after creating the PDF if I was doing that. For any document that will need updates later, the few seconds it takes to create scenes in the model will be repaid many times over in time saved repairing the damage you create in LO by not using scenes.