Diffusion windows not showing up


I have a Sketchup Pro 2023 annual subscription license, I wanted to try diffusion, so I installed the extension Diffusion, the icon shows up, I can also see the Diffusion option in the extension menu, when I click on it nothing happens, the Diffusion windows does not show up.

I tried opening the Sketchup web version and the diffusion windows does show up as it should, so I wonder why it doesn’t work on the desktop version.

Thanks for your help.


Are you using a second monitor?

No, I’m only using a laptop and it’s not connected to any monitor.

I have the same problem. And there is no information on how to fix it.
Anyone knows what should I do?

I’m also having the issue with the diffusion window not showing up even though I have a current pro subscription. -Icon is there, but greyed out like its not active. -No window pops up when clicked.

I just installed Diffusion into my Pro 2023 version and NO window shows after clicking icon. Why is this?

Perhaps SketchUp thinks you have no internet connection.

Happens to me more than 50% of the times I open SketchUp, despite having broadband DSL internet.

To test you can try to open the internal 3D Warehouse window. OR in SketchUp’s Ruby Console use:


… if it returns …
=> true
… then SketchUp thinks your internet connection is “live”.

I tested that. Curiously, the ‘true’ didn’t change to ‘false’ until I tried the Ruby line a few times after turning off WiFi and disconnecting Ethernet.

Once Ruby and I agreed that I was definitely offline, the Diffusion button still gave me this window:

Of course, clicking the links didn’t get me very far.

Thank you Dan

I opened up 3D warehouse which is fine (connected to internet) I also tried Ruby console but got back ‘Error#<NameError: uninitiated constant SketchUp’ - I’ve no idea what that means but still Diffusion window fails to show

Does the error ‘Error#<NameError: uninitiated constant SketchUp’ show up in the Ruby console when you click the Diffusion icon?

It means you typed “SketchUp” instead of “Sketchup” (I do not know why the API writers decided not to use the same upper case U as in the product name for the Sketchup module identifier.)

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