Diffusion windows not showing up


I have a Sketchup Pro 2023 annual subscription license, I wanted to try diffusion, so I installed the extension Diffusion, the icon shows up, I can also see the Diffusion option in the extension menu, when I click on it nothing happens, the Diffusion windows does not show up.

I tried opening the Sketchup web version and the diffusion windows does show up as it should, so I wonder why it doesn’t work on the desktop version.

Thanks for your help.


Are you using a second monitor?

No, I’m only using a laptop and it’s not connected to any monitor.

I have the same problem. And there is no information on how to fix it.
Anyone knows what should I do?

I’m also having the issue with the diffusion window not showing up even though I have a current pro subscription. -Icon is there, but greyed out like its not active. -No window pops up when clicked.