Diffusion Extension Problem

I have added the Diffusion extension, but it says I need a subscription and I already do.

Sign out of SketchUp and sign back in.

BTW, your screenshot shows SketchUp 2023.1. Your forum profile says 2021. Please update your forum profile.

Hi, I also have a problem with the Diffusion plugin. I have Sketchup 2021, I installed the plug-in, after running it my plans appeared, I downloaded the test version of Sketchup 2023 (trial version) and suddenly the plug-in in Sketchup 2021 stopped working completely, after clicking on it nothing happens. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, it didn’t help. Please help. Regards

With no more information than you’ve provided I expect you’ve exceeded the trial period. You will need a current subscription to be able to use Diffusion. Do you have a current subscription license?

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It happened on the same day, apart from information about the plans, nothing else popped up, the Diffusion icon does not respond at all. Sketchup 2021 Perpetual license

That doesn’t qualify you to use Diffusion anyway.

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When downloading the plugin, it says that it supports Sketchup 2021

It also says it requires an active subscription. A perpetual or “Classic” license is NOT a subscription.


I understand, so only an active subscription entitles you to use this plugin?


From the Extension Warehouse page for Diffusion.

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Thank you very much for your help and best regards.

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Hi @DaveR , I have Sketchup pro 2023 active subscription, on a Mac OS (w/ M2-max gpu), and yet, I only see the Diffusion icon in Sketchup, but nothing happens when I click on it. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Try signing out and then back in again.

I tried, a few times, still no luck. My sketchup version is - Version 23.0.418

Try installing the current version of SketchUp 2023.

Do you use multiple displays?

I upgraded my version to the latest, logged out and back in, and I dont use multiple displays, am on a laptop. Still no luck :frowning:

Hello everyone,

I recently used sketchup diffusion and i liked it alot…
now there has been an update to 2024 but now diffusion won’t work anymore…
Tried to uninstall everything going back to version 2023 PRO but nothing works.

Can someone help me please ?

Find SketchUp Diffusion in Extension Manager, and look at its details. If the version number is less than 1.0.16, update the extension. 1.0.16 claims to work ok with SketchUp 2024. It does appear to work ok for me.

Did anyone find a solution to this problem? I have the latest SketchUp Pro SketchUp and I am signed in but everything I try to run Diffusion - it says it is a subscription only feature (I have a subscription to SketchUp)
when I click on the link SketchUp provides it takes me to the webpage to get SketchUp - which I already have - anyone one have an answer?


Please PM me the email address you use, and I will double-check if your entitlement is correctly configured.


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