Getting errors when using Diffusion in SketchUp 2021 with a Classic license

This is what I received from Trimble

Hello Claire,

Thanks for reaching out to SketchUp Support!

We will always recommend using the latest version of SketchUp, and that’s available through a subscription. However, you can always continue to use your current version of SketchUp. The Web Services features affected by our End of Support policy use outdated embedded web browsers that cannot be updated and provide a lower quality of service and security. Those older features designated as Web Services present a potential security risk, and we made the decision to disable them to better provide a consistent, reliable, and secure experience. Please see our end of support policy

Even though the Maintenance & Support has run out on your SketchUp Pro Classic license, you can still always ask for support from the SketchUp Community Forum at:

You will need to update to a supported version of SketchUp to be able to install Diffusion.

This was my error code.

Click “help” then sign out.

Sign in again

With a Classic license you can be signed in and stay signed in beyond the subscription 30 day check, but when you try to use a feature that requires a subscription, Diffusion for example, if it’s more than 30 days since you last signed in you will be asked to sign out and sign in again, so that your current subscription status can be updated.

Diffusion does work in SketchUp 2021, but will only function if you have a subscription. For the case where you only have a Classic license, then it won’t function.