Difficulty quitting sketchup

sketchup refuses to quit and if it finally quits or is force quitted it generates crash report seconds later

is maybe a auto-save in progress at the time of the shutdown request (see “Preferences”).

Any plugins installed? If yes disable them all and try to reproduce the issue.


I deactivated auto save and I am going trough the extensions.Using command-Q did the trick at one time, but then the problem came back. I guess i will keep trying.

I’ve been trying to quit for years!


Do you have SU Podium by any chance? That hangs up SU on quit as a known issue.

Yes i have a trial version of SU Podium. Is there any way around this? Or do I have to uninstall.

Uninstall if you truly want it to go away. I did many month ago, and solved the problem. A couple days ago, I needed it again, re-installed, and the problem is back. I was told on their forum it’s a known problem, so either live with force quit or uninstall.

I talked with them at 3D Basecamp, and they started to explain a longer solution, but I’ve completely forgotten it now.

The longer solution is discussed here:

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I think puts is a completely different issue, although it gives a hint of the quality and what you can expect from Podium.

If anyone has more info on the quitting SU issue with Podium I’m curious to know more.

That, I do not know.

That is just plain bashing, not Discourse forum worthy.

Like many other extension developers, Su Podium has its own forum, theirs being around from the early days, proving that there are a lot of customers that ‘get the job done’

I thought it was the general quality of the plugin you referred to when linking to this other issue. In any case I wouldn’t call it bashing. Users have the right to know what Podium is. In its current state it wouldn’t be allowed into the Extension Warehouse.