Different fill colors in the same viewport



I have the same scene on different pages of layout. The components were created and filled with White in S/U for opacity. In one viewport they are white and in the other they are grey.

I have tried changing the fill color in Layout however the entire viewport assumes the attributes of the fill. How is it these components within the same scene could reflect different fill colors when generated and imported from the same S/U file?


an example file would certainly help…



Compare A2.1 and E.1. Specifically the plumbing fixtures. White in A2.1. Grey in E.1. Same scene in S/U. These components were created with white as the fill.

Thanks John


(Attachment Castaneda Res.layout is missing)


The file is larger than acceptable but I did extract a .pdf that shows the components which were created and saved with white fill for opacity. The same scene in one page of the set has a viewport with this scene and the components are white as one would expect. On the attached .pdf, they are grey. I’m not sure how I could make this happen if I was trying to since the components are assigned a fill color at the time of creation. The one thing that I haven’t tried is deleting the the view port and copying the one from the page that has the preferred fill color. I have never has this happen before in Layout it could simply be an anomaly.

Thanks John


E PLAN 12.08.18.pdf (290 KB)