Differences between SketchUp for Schools & SketchUp Free?

I assumed both apps are the same until another user pointed out that SketchUp for Schools has an “Export to PNG” function which SketchUp Free currently lacks.

Are there any other differences? That’s not a major difference, but I plan on making tutorials with SketchUp Free, and am interested in School users to benefit from them as well.

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The biggest difference between SketchUp Free and SketchUp for Schools is found in the way that users store their files online. Users of SketchUp for Schools store their files in Google Drive, by way of a school district’s GSuite for Education subscription. SketchUp Free is built instead on Trimble Connect.


Can you use a regular Google login (i.e. not through a school) in lieu of a Trimble Connect login with SketchUp Free?

Also, I wouldn’t know much about it, but I got the impression that there were some sort of regulations regarding privacy and information tracking of students that had to be met in order to go through GSuite for Education? That wouldn’t effect actually functionality of the app, I would think.

Yes, I can login through Google which is what I’m doing to use SketchUp
Free now.

You can use a Google ID to authenticate with SketchUp Free, but you will still be using Trimble Connect for file storage, not Google Drive.

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