Difference between skechup and lumion] interior decor

What is the difference between importing furniture data with skechup and with lumion?

I am wondering about the differences → weight of the data, photorealism, operability, how the data is created in the actual design studio (frame, walls, floors in skechup, furniture imported in lumion, materials added in lumion, etc…)
(I import frames, walls, floors and furniture in skechup and only adjust light in lumion, etc. ・・・・)

I’ve only just started using the software, so I’d be glad if someone could tell me.
Thank you in advance.

Lumion models are optimized for it, but there’s not much customization.
If you import high poly models from Sketchup into Lumion it may start to slowing it down if you import many similar models. If you do a room it may not be a big issue, but if you do a large model with different rooms it may start to slow down depending on your graphics card.

We use a mix between Lumion models and Sketchup models, depending on what we need.
Usually import into groups (different sketchup files) for better control, so if the geometry is not seen we can turn off the layer assigned in Lumion and the performance increases.

Don’t know which version do you have, the PRO has great looking models. The standard has a smaller library. Depending on which version you have, you may need to rely more on Sketchup models. You can make a library of Sketchup models within Lumion as well, if you import individual models, you are able to use them later in other projects but is not as easy as just dragging one from their library.