Diagonal twist a rectangular object

Hi : can advise me how to do a diagonal twist a rectangular object by 30 degree using sketchup pro ?
Thank you.

what do you mean diagonal twist ? like this ?

Paul: yes, how to achieve this ? Thanks

you’ll need to download the fredotools plugin there and install

Once installed select your parallelepiped or group containing it, right click on it > fredo scale > box twisting (or tools menu > fredo collection > fredo scale > box twisting), click on the plane you want, start rotation and type 30 then enter

(it works with any shape)

Dear paul: Thanks and appreciate very much for the pointer. Will down load the add-on .


You don’t need a plugin to twist the shape. Just select the top face and edges, get the Rotate tool at the center of the face, click on an edge, and type in the degrees of rotation.

Not the same result! That will crease the sides instead of making a smooth twist.

Just select the top face and edges, …

True. But the plugin divides the (any) shape vertically into (adjustable?) number of slices for smoothness.

Added: for the online free version (no plugins) an option would be hand stitching and triangulating the twisted sides.

Example from the past (hand made):

And the result with smooth edges hidden:

yes it is, just hit tab once you picked the twist box tool, it’ll bring a dialog with many parameters

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You’re right. My bad.

Nothing wrong though!