Device not authorised?

Indeed I have a subscription to SU Pro, but on trying to open one of my models this afternoon, I am getting this error message - why? And what do I do about it please?

Have you tried signing out of SketchUp and signing back in? In the upper right corner green icon, or under help menu.

Feeling really stupid. I just did that and now the model (an older version) is opening. Came back to delete my post, but you were faster than I was :upside_down_face: Thank you. :smiley:

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No problem, Your profile says you are using SketchUp Make 17 for desktop. Is that info up to date? Please update your profile to help get correct relevant answers for your version.

Will do - I never remember to do that. So many websites, so many forums, so much to do, and never enough time.

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