Developing Importer for .SHP (or SHX) to SketchUp



Hi Jim – I’ve been searching for your email with no success! I’m integrating your Spirix Import Shapefile tool into my dissertation methodology, and was hoping to get citation information from you.


Hi Jimhami42,

Could you please post another link for the jimhami42_shapefile_importer.rbz file? It’s not downloadable right now.

Thanks in advance



It’s been changed to a different name … also the behavior is slightly different.

Let me know if you need assistance.

Importing Shapefiles (shp) to SketchUp (skp)

To Jimhami42,

I can import that file already. Thank you for this very helpful add-on. I was trying to convert file from SHP > COLLADA > SKP, but it couldn’t work! I’m so glad to be here this great SKP community.

Thank you,


hi jimhami,
I tried the plugin with sketchup pro 2017 but nothing happens when I import shp or dbf files.
Is there anything I need to change or so?
Thanks a lot!


Hi @thorwaldhoffmann -

Can you provide a little more detail about the files you’re using? If you launch the Ruby console (Window >> Ruby Console) before running it, does it show any errors? It’s hard to tell what the problem is without a little more information.


I have been playing around with your last version of the plugin and a data set I downloaded from a NYC web site. Given the values displayed for the max and min, they appear to be longitude and latitude values. Is this the normal case?


From what I’ve seen, they can be most anything. It’s up to the database creator how they want to reference things.


With geoloc via add location, how can you import an ArcGIS SHP file that drops in the right place and not 0,0 origin? Shapefile is in WGS 1984 Geographic Coordinate System.


I am using the Spirix shapefile importer with SketchUp 2017 to import buildings and town park areas etc and it imports ok, but it loads the shapefile far too small. I’m having to measure the size of the objects and then re-import the shapefile and set the scale up to around 39.0 to get objects to line up with the town map.
Am I doing something wrong?


Did you guess that 39 is roughly 100/2.54 ?

Check if the importer has an options button where you can set the units of the .shp file that you want to import. It is probably in meters (1 = 1m), but the importer interpretes it in SketchUp’s internal units (1 = 1inch ~ 1/39m).


Thanks Aerilius. That is what is happening. My SketchUp model is set for metres.
I don’t see a setting in Spirix to set it to metres so I’ll just have to remember to use the scale of 39.37.


@Aerilius is correct. The importer assumes that the numbers are in inches … some datasets use feet, some meters, some use GPS coordinates. As noted, the appropriate scale factor appears to be 39.37 in your case.


Thanks Jimhami42