Developers please help - 2 years later and some menu items grey out after period of time:

Fair enough and good idea. Was also curious though what happens if I uninstalled it… Everyone with the greyed out menu problem needs to download the curic recall plugin now ha…

I actually uninstalled ‘Recall’…(I just haven’t gotten into using it…)…and so far so good. :+1:

I will say that many of Curic’s plugins have become an indispensable part of my workflow. (couldn’t survive without ‘Stretch’ or ‘Align View’…just to name a couple.)

I love his plugins. I have been using them for a long time. I’m just not pleased with the lack of customer service (it’s rare that he responds to my messages when I’ve had issues with his plugins over the years.)

I’m not sure, you can run my above code to check if there are other plugins that can cause this problem.

Thank you for responding.

I think if you have in fact fixed this with your plugin, can you do the same thing to your other plugins now?

As for my other question, is it possible to make the dio tools package more safe to use? - The dio tools (stretch, dio, chalk line and extend) make many users sketchup files crash, did you have plans to fix this, or can you fix this?

@curic4su it looks like your code has fixed the problem. Thank you! I really appreciate you fixing this problem. So far I have not had the greyed out menu items anymore. That leads me to wonder if you could somehow fix this for your other plugins, or do I have to make sure to keep the recall plugin installed?

Please let me know, will wait for your response.

Edit: Hey @curic4su , any updates on my question?