Determining Dimensions from a Google Earth Image


Hi Folks,

I just received a site image from a potential client. The image is in the form of a Google Earth .kmz file and it has no defined boundaries associated with it. I am aware of the scale function in GE, and I have applied the ruler tool as best I can, but I can’t confirm horizontal lengths on the site, so that the image can be properly imported into SketchUp Pro at a realistic scale. (The site has varying topography, the ruler tool generates too wide a discrepancy when measuring the same distance more than once, and I want to try and recreate the property lines as though on flat terrain.)

If anyone knows of a way to accomplish this, I would be very appreciative. I’m not sure if the image will help or not, but just in case it does, I have attached it.

Sample GE Image.kmz (6.1 KB)

Thanks in advance for any help with this.



If you add placemarks to the KMZ file in Google Earth. you can use their Longitude and Latitude values along with a LatLong calculator.

I used your KMZ file and created two placemarks:

Right-clicking the placemarks and selecting properties gives the Latitudes and Logitudes for each:

Lower Left: 48°23’55.77"N, 114°58’46.51"W
Lower Right: 48°23’55.99"N, 114°50’58.72"W

Converting to decimal:

Lower Left: 48.398825N, 114.979586W
Lower Right: 48.398886N, 114.849644W

Using this calculator:

I get these results for miles and kilometers:

Distance between 48.398825N 114.979586W and 48.398886N 114.849644W is
5.9675 statute miles

Distance between 48.398825N 114.979586W and 48.398886N 114.849644W is
9.6038 km


Hey @jimhami42,

This is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for teaching something new to me!